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    In the first case, there were special high notes straight from Shiraz. Village behind the cedar woods with an outer house, soft airwaves, slightly astringent. A gentle distant whisper from the smoked hay and animals behind the dirt road gives quite untypical for this area with a complex taste like perfume note on the aftertaste. Ironically you need a cup of fresh air to feel it. Minervois is a great defined area, In fact, it can't be confused with anything. Windy rocky seaside shore or autumn fields are your companions. Recognized bog whortleberry at last with losing black pepper. The flavor isn't exactly caught as taste. A pure dual transition from hay to complex. Berry is quite different but really like it. Shiraz is at the head, Grenache is simpler and the Carinthian is the from a mass marketplace. Second glass gently blurs. The third one is already revealed on new and warm colors. Kind of taste you don't expect after fragrance. Adorably. Simply take it and go straight under the bridge looking for a place associations came from. Aftertaste is relevant to eight minutes. Beyond the third - colors have long blur warm mode. Further analysis is highly subjective. Have a nice day.


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